Festoons and Flourishes was created out of a love for Weddings and Events…but mainly for the love of creating lasting relationships with our amazing clients.

 As each of our clients and their visions are unique, so are their Events.  We believe in customizing and planning each detail meticulously according to each individual’s dreams and wishes.  Whether you are planning a Wedding, Luncheon, Birthday or Fundraiser, we work alongside you throughout the entire process, listening and helping to create your perfect Event.

We believe that professionalism and concise communication are two of the most important aspects of maintaining great relationships.  We pride ourselves in helping you make educated decisions and are passionate about providing peace of mind, giving you the ability to enjoy your Event without stress or worry.  Even if you desire to plan the entire Event yourself, we would still love to be there on your day as Coordinators, to ensure all of your hard work runs flawlessly.

 Unsure about the whole process?  Please feel free to contact us…we would love to get to know you and your vision.

 We look forward to meeting you and helping your dream come to life.